Thursday, May 29, 2014

Now where did Junior learn to act that way?

Ever notice how moms with the bratty children are often the ones who yell the loudest about some imagined wrong done to little Junior?   Don’t you think, at some point, they’d realize that if there’s an issue every time they go somewhere, they might be the problem?

When Mommy Stefonee has to leave the park with a crying, screaming Junior in tow, she may have to admit her son might be a little out of control.   I bet a swat on the behind a time or two would bring a little self-control into the situation.   What’s that you say, Stefonee?  With your best indignant look, I can just hear your shrill voice, “What?  Hit my child?”  

Yeah…other moms and dads can tell the kids who have no discipline in their lives.  They often grow up to be problematic twenty-somethings thinking the world owes them toys they didn’t work for, jobs they aren't qualified for, and money they didn’t earn.  Sadly, you are teaching Junior entitlement traits while he's just a toddler.  

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