Sunday, June 15, 2014

State Laws Can Make or Break a Family

In Tennessee, you can have physical custody of a child since the age of two, adopt her in 2009, and 2013 can have that adoption rescinded, and the child jerked out of the only home she's ever known to live with a man who has spent much of his life behind bars, a man she does not know.  I have no words for the injustice done this child.  Read about Sonya HERE.

But in Alabama:
You can be the father of a baby that you didn't know about until adoption proceedings start, and if you try to claim parental rights and stop the adoption process, and you will be out of luck.   Read about Andrew Scott here.   In addition to not being able to stop others from adopting your child, you will be made out to be a monster, have local writers say all manner of evil against you and your family, and every move you make will be scrutinized and publicized.  I also have no words for the injustice done in this situation.  No one is a winner.

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