Thursday, March 12, 2015

Nine Asses

Silly Blogger, comments are for grownups!

If you enjoy watching children on playgrounds, go find a blogging community.   Bloggers can so easily get their knickers wedged.

“You don’t agree with me, so we can’t be friends.”
“I don’t like that blogger, so you can’t either.”
“I deleted my post because….”
My favorite is “Comments are so mean today!  I’m going to shut down my whole blog and never blog again.  Ever.   Until tomorrow after everybody begs me not to go.”

Nine Asses!
Erg.   I mean asinine.
Or asi-mine for reading it.
Or asi-you for agreeing with me.
Or asi-them for writing it!

That’s only 3 asses.

The rest of the asses are on a site called Get Off My Internets.   Stupid name for a stupid site.   They call it GOMI.  I call it a gaggle of meowing idiots.   Cats and meows.   You know it’s a bunch of whiney women behind that one.

They call it snark, but it’s not.  They are vicious.   Snark is pointed sarcasm.  There’s a difference in what I do and what they do.   And that, my fellow snarcasm lovers, is called justification for me doing what they are doing.

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