Thursday, October 23, 2014

Snark Up Close and Personal

Working in close proximity to others makes you just want to say things.

      Not always nice things.

                 Things like: 

*You are not just acting stupid, you are stupid.  Stop it!

*Good Lawrd, shut up!   Can you manage not talking for even a little while?

*The three of you have the most obnoxious laughs.  You are not allowed to tell each other jokes or funny anecdotes.  Ever.  

*That son of yours is full grown.  You really need to quit treating him like he's 14 and let him grow up.  He's going to be 30 and still living in that back bedroom.

*I do not want to hear about your body functions.  Ever. Ever.

*Really?  They gave you a raise??  They seriously don't know what you do, do they?

*And they call you the boss?   I think those bad choices are going to catch up to you.

*If you know you are cold-natured, don't wear skimpy clothes and expect the air to stay off on a summer day!   And don't wear short sleeves on a chilly day and demand the heat be turned up enough to warm all of Alabama.

*Speak up!  For Heaven's sake, can YOU even hear what you're saying??

*Nosy!  Mind yer business!